Chamfering Tooling

Chamfering & Deburring Cutter

Chamfering Cutter

These Cutters have teeth like Bevel Gear, Meshing with the Gear produce chamfer by Rolling Process. RAVJEET Cutters have special Strong profile. The Cutters is not Accident Prone & give long life.

Combi Chamfering Cutter

These Cutters have alternate Chamfering and Rolling Profile teeth. This type of Cutter does not produce any secondary burr on tooth flank. These Cutters are must if gear are directly honed. Even if gear are shaved the life of shaving cutters improve between re-sharpening.

Chamfering & Rollling Cutters

These Cutters have a Master Rolling Gear in the center of a pair of chamfering blades. These Cutters Roll the Profile and eliminates the subsequent operating such as shaving etc. on two wheeler gears.

Deburring Cutter

These Cutters work like a Rotary Shears. These are held against the sides of faces of the gear. The variation in the width of blank is taken by spring loaded blades. Deburring Cutter remove burrs neatly. These are resharpenable and give very long life.

Double Chamfering & Deburring Cutters

These Cutters are very useful for lay shaft cluster gears. Two gears can be chamfered and deburred in one operation saving one loading and unloading and chamfering and deburring time.

RAVJEET also make special cutter to remove Burrs of Dog Teeth Face along with Gear Chamfering Operation.

RAVJEET Supply Chamfering & Deburring Cutter for Ravjeet, Samputensile, Hurth & Othert Japanese Machine.