CNC Internal Teeth Generator for Honing Wheel – Export Only

Model No. 105 L with Custom Screens and using R Parameters

Technical Specifications

CNC 828 D Siemens
PLC Siemens
X Axis Servo Motor 11 Nm 1 FK7
Z Axis Servo Motor 16 Nm 1 FK7
Rotary Axis C for indexing and lead 16 Nm (1 FK7) with reduction Gear Box
Rotary Axis A for Helix Setting 11 Nm (1 FK7) with Worn and Worn Wheel
Gear box and External absolute Encoder
Linear Slides X and Z Cros Roller bearing slide
Dresser Head Gear train between motor and dresser
Dresser Head Motor 3 Phase induction motor 1.5 HP approx-1700rpm
Pneumatic System Festo (Pressure between 3 and 5 bar)
Hone Size Loaded on Machine 250mm, 270mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm (Diameter)
No. of Teeth 10 to 500
Helix Angle setting ± 550
Width of hone 20-60 mm
Diamond Coated Profile Dresser Approx.Dia. 110mm
We can supply Diamond Dressing Tool as per customer Tool data
Note: Other sizes of wheel diameter and wheel width can also be manufactured.