Gear Wheel Magnetic Encoder


  • Contactless & high resolution measurement
  • High EMC & ESD stability
  • Solid housing & complete sealing
  • Protection class IP 68 & completely sealed
  • Rotational direction recognition high rotational speed robust not sensitivity to dust

Applications – Machine Tool

  • Position and Speed measurement of the main spindle in lathes, grinding and milling machines
  • Speed and position measuring in HSC Spindles (High Speed Cutting)
  • Electronic Synchronization of helical spindles
  • Hollow Shaft Encoder
  • Angle measurement in radar equipment
  • Measurement of speed and position in test stands

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage Vcc (DC) 5 V ±10% 5 V ±10%
Power consumption (without Load) ≤ 60 ma ≤ 60 ma
Output signal TTL (Line Driver) Diff. analog (~ 1Vpp)
Max. phase shift ≤90º ±25º ≤90º ±10º
Max. response ≥500Khz ≥150Khz
Sensing gap 0.15 ±0.03 mm 0.15 ±0.03 mm
Operating temperature -20 ~ 100ºC -20 ~ 100ºC
For Module 0.3, 0.4 & 0.5 0.3, 0.4 & 0.5
Reference Mark Yes Yes

Standard Target Gear

High precision standard target Gear are available for 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 Module. They are made of ferromagnetic steel and available with reference mark missing Tooth.

Customised Target Gear

On request, customised target Gear are manufactured according to individual specifications. Please send us a dimensional drawing of your target wheel.

They are direct replacement for similar imported encoder.