Diamond Gear Burnishing

  • DGB is a system to remove nicks & burr for heat-treated gears. DGB is the only system that makes economic sense. DGB cannot make a bad gear good but can make a good gear better by removing its nick & burr.
    DGB does not require a major capital investment. Any small gear shop with good volume can justify the cost. Even though DGB tool will last through thousands of components, the life will depends on a variable, the amount of nick and burr it has to remove.
    User can run 100% gears through the process and check on sampling basis. This increases master gear life, improves time and gives constant quality of gear.

Comparison to Other Process

  • Comparison to Other Process (EDM) available in market, the basic and very important advantage is that in EDM process the point where the nick burr is removed created a soft spot because the temp. at which nicks and burr are to be removed reaches to the melting temp. of steel and there is no control on the cooling process. Therefore creating soft spots which is vary dangerous for gear.
  • The burr and nicks are identified by checking an double flank tester in close mesh with master gear. The nicks and burrs are removed by hand stoning and or by pencil grinders. This process is laborious and quality depends upon operator skill. In DGB process the orignal hardness of gear remains unchanged.

Support Process for Honing Process

  • User who hard gear hone they face a great problem with nicks and burrs as these are hard and work as crushers on the epoxy bonded abrasive wheels which loose their form. Therefore requires redressing & reducing wheel life.

Technical Specifications

Max. dia of Gear 200 mm
Min dia. of Gear 20 mm
Max Width of Gear 50 mm
Work Spindle Speed 300 to 1100 rpm (Inverter Controlled)
Work Spindle Power 2 HP, 950 rpm, Motor Timing Belt & Pulleys,(Catrige Spindle Grease Packed)
Diamond Coated Gear Head  
Tilt Angle 00 fixed (For 1070)
Tilt Angle + 150 0 -150 (For 1075)
Diamond Gear Width 24 mm
Max Force on Diamond Gear 300 kg at 5 Bar Pne. Line Pressure
Plung Slide Adjustable 0 – 10 mm
Z Axis Oscillation 10 – 60 per min.
Z Axis Stroke 0 – 50 mm adjustable mechanical setting
Oscillation Motor 1.5 H.P., 950 rpm, Inverter Controlled with Brake System
Crowning Sin Bar Operative(Manual Setting)
Electrical Controller PLC Siemens S7 – 200 – TD 200 Display
Pneumatic System Festo
Weight of Machine App. 1500 Kg.