Gear Chamfering and Deburring

Why Chamfering and Deburring Operation

  • Chamfer & Deburring prevent nicks type damage during handling
  • Chamfer & Deburring prevent Heat Treatment Distortion

Features of Our Gear Chamfering & Deburring Machine Model 1060

  • Self centering tool make equal chamfer at both end.
  • Rolling type tool looking like a shaping Cutter gives better tool life.
  • Tool construction compensates for width variation of face up to 0.20 mm.
  • Automatic tool hunts if gear does not engage with tool.
  • The machine has two slides, one horizontal slide for chamfering operation & one vertical slide for deburring operation.
  • After setting, the cycle is automatic i.e. only loading unloading is manual

Technical Specifications

Max work dia 250 mm
Min work dia 10 mm
Max face width 105 mm
Min face width 10 mm
Max work piece length with teeth at one end 500 mm
Max work piece length with teeth at center 750 mm
Work Spindle 1.5 HP
Spindle RPM (One Speed) 200

The following Toolings available and can be quoted on receipt of Gear Print

  • Chamfering Cutters
  • Deburring Cutters
  • Work Arbors and Associated Tooling
  • Pocket Type Auto Loader