CNC Profiling Threaded Grinding Wheel for Gear Grinding

Model No. 105 GL with Custom Screens and using R Parameters

Technical Specifications

CNC 828 D Siemens
PLC Siemens
C Axis 3.7 kw Motor
X Axis Servo Motor 11 Nm 1 FK7
Z Axis Servo Motor 16 Nm 1 FK7
Linear Slides X and Z Cros Roller bearing slide
Module 1 to 8
No. of Start 1 to 9
Wheel Diameter up-to 400 mm
Wheel Width up-to 250 mm
With Machine Table adjustment all pressure angle from 15 to 25 degree can be dressed
Profile Dresser Wheel Dia. Approx. 170mm
Grooving Dresser Wheel Dia. Approx. 190mm
Top Tip Dresser Dia. Approx. 160mm
Note: Other sizes of wheel diameter and wheel width can also be manufactured.
Machine can be tool up to make razor blade grinding wheels.